Journaling, Intention, and Affirmations

Creativity can take on many forms, and just as easily as we can get in the flow, we can also get stuck outside of it.  Journaling is an integral part of understanding ourselves better, and can also help set intentions. By tracking our ups and downs, along with our joys, sorrows, and worries, we can find solace, release, and comfort. Creative ideas can come from this as well, as we take the time to review and remember where we are at any given moment. A journal can also serve your mindfulness if you write daily intentions and affirmations. “I am open to new ideas”, “Today is a good day to be creative”, “I AM creativity”, or Creativity flows through me” are all excellent and simple.

You may want to come up with something more specific to you and your individuality, which can be turned into yet another creative mental exercise! One great example is starting a fresh page each day with one sentence at the top that motivates you to explore the depths of your own creativity. Here are several other journaling exercises you can try too!

Stream of Consciousness Practices

This is the practice of setting a timer or watching the clock, and writing absolutely whatever comes to mind on the page, without, stopping, no matter what. This means punctuation, capitalization, or even true structure, are not as important. It is about allowing yourself to get out of your own way in order to let the flow come through you. This is a great way to break out of a rut, or get a jumpstart on new ideas. You may surprise yourself, or you may end up with a page of gibberish, but either way, you end up with fresh material. Much like scribbling a pen on a page to get the ink flowing, stream of consciousness writing exercises like these can be a great way push yourself toward the flow again. 

I Have A Dream: Dream Journals

Dream journals are an even more personal way to dive a little deeper. We can discover more about how our minds express hidden emotions and bend reality into sometimes strange, sometimes very pleasing iterations of experience. Dreaming is an integral part of proper sleep, and by keeping a journal and pen right next to your bed, you have the opportunity to reflect in the morning. The best time is immediately upon waking, and before you check your phone, the clock, or even say hello if you have a partner who sleeps next to you. You can even encourage them to start a journal too, and you can share your dreams together.

With dream journals, the more you record, the more your brain will want to remember. Dreams will get easier and easier to recall each time you wake.

Working With Children

If you have children who are suffering through writer’s block or are struggling in school, try these exercises. Children sometimes see writing as a boring task that is being forced upon them by adults who “will never understand.” By helping create a dream journal, practicing stream of consciousness writing, and coming up with strong affirmations, it will be much easier to spur on their creative streaks. Helping them to find a new way to focus on the written word can also help them become more creative and inventive in other areas of life.

Some children, however, will not find their creative spark in writing no matter how hard you push.  That is alright. There are other venues for them to explore too. Still, as younger children tend to be more impressionable, it is possible to help even the most obstinate of students with enough encouragement.

We’ve talked a lot about mental exercises, but don’t forget that physical exercise (even if it’s just doing a bit in your home) can go a long way when it comes to clearing the mind and help spark creativity in both children and adults.

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